Welcome to Catskill Digital

April 04, 2014
Zac Shaw

IMG_6010We’d like to welcome you to our shingle hanging out in cyberspace, except nobody uses the word “cyberspace” anymore, thankfully.

So, welcome to the Catskill Digital website, a place where you can view our most recent work, see our service menu, and even pick up some digital marketing tips and tricks on this here blog.

What is Catskill Digital? We are a full-service digital marketing and production shop that works with businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals.

The company was founded in 2014 by Zac Shaw, an accomplished Hudson Valley digital producer and marketer. Shaw’s experience in the digital realm stretches back to the dawn of the Web in the 90s. He’s seen it all, and done most of it too. After many years spent bouncing back and forth from senior positions at digital retailers and agencies to freelancing, Shaw finally decided to fully commit to the entrepreneur path, and thus Catskill Digital was born.

Shaw and company are based in the city of Kingston, in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. The area is becoming a hotbed of creative and business activity, and Catskill Digital is excited to be at the center of it!

We will be opening our offices in June at a great location here in the heart of Kingston, NY. Stay tuned for the announcement, and please drop us a line if you find yourself in need of our services.



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