Oceans 8 Films

Jon Bowermaster is a world-renowned award-winning writer, filmmaker, and adventurer, five-time National Geographic grantee, author of eleven books and producer/director for more than a dozen documentary films.

His documentary, Dear Governor Cuomo, featured musical performances from such esteemed acts as Natalie Merchant, Joan Osborne, and Medeski Martin and Wood. The film was instrumental in generating awareness and activism leading to the ban on fracking in New York State, and continues to promote dialogue around the issue on a national level.

Jon came to Catskill Digital for help growing his social media following, and to create awareness and engagement around his latest film, Dear President Obama.

We worked hand-in-glove with Jon’s production and marketing team to increase their social following by thousands of people, and significantly boosted their engagement via Facebook, Twitter, and within environmental activist communities online.

We executed a major PR push for a New York State film tour, and write regular in-depth content on fracking in all 50 states to drive inbound traffic to the film’s official website.

We provided general strategic consulting to help ensure that the team’s content production pipeline utilized digital marketing to its fullest potential.

In addition, we organized a contact database and helped coordinate outreach to the environmental activist organizations and the community.

We worked with Carla Rozman Design to build and launch the official company website for Oceans 8 Films, where you can learn more about Bowermaster’s many critically-acclaimed documentaries.

We look forward to continuing to work with Bowermaster and his team to grow his online following and reach the broadest possible audience for his incredible documentaries.

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