Is AdWords Worth it For Local Business? ZOMG

January 12, 2015
Zac Shaw
Catskills Fireflies (single exposure) by S58Y

They’re Googling for jar space. | Catskills Fireflies (single exposure) by S58Y

Local businesses are constantly asking us, “Should I use AdWords? Is it worth it?”


AdWords presents your product or service at the very moment the customer is searching for that particular product or service. It’s the moment they are making purchasing decision. Google calls it the Zero Moment of Truth.

Most local businesses don’t take advantage of even a fraction of what digital marketing has to offer. Maybe they’re confused by the technology. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience with a so-called “digital marketing firm” that only seemed to make them look less professional online. For whatever reason, local businesses have not caught on en masse to the power of digital marketing — and AdWords in particular — to deliver them to their target market at the exact right place and time. It’s something traditional print and broadcast media can’t even come close to.

The Edge is Yours

Because so few local businesses tap into their digital marketing potential, you can easily edge out the competition. With a small investment in improving your search rankings both organically and through paid search ads via AdWords, you will be among the first search results for your local service. We’ve certainly done it for enough clients to know it works.

At Catskill Digital, we optimize our client AdWords accounts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for best results. We also generate incredible landing pages for your ads, which not only increase conversions, but actually make your ads cheaper too. Critically, we tie in social and other digital marketing strategies to make sure your web traffic continues on an uphill climb, with business to follow.

The edge is yours to take. We’re here to help.

Even if you don’t know what ZOMG means.

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