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Why You Should Be Uploading Video Directly to Facebook

Video is one of the most engaging ways to tell a story, and as a business owner, you want to make sure that you are reaching as many people as possible. That’s why it’s vital to upload video content directly…

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Is AdWords Worth it For Local Business? ZOMG

Local businesses are constantly asking us, “Should I use AdWords? Is it worth it?” YES!! AdWords presents your product or service at the very moment the customer is searching for that particular product or service. It’s the moment they are…

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“Should I Do My Own Website?”

We work with a lot of small businesses, and many choose to do their own website. There are now thousands of do-it-yourself website services. Wix. Squarespace. GoDaddy Website Builder. We’d be here all day naming them. If one has no…

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